Welcome to Muscle Torque.

At Muscle Torque we are passionate about health and wellbeing and are dedicated to relieving you of your aches and pains. We specialise in neck pain, headaches, lower back pain and glute pain, but we are also able to help with shoulder pain, knee pain, sporting injuries, posture related issues or just general maintenance. We use many different techniques such as soft tissue manipulation, trigger point therapy, joint mobilisations, cupping, dry needling and take home rehabilitation exercises to get the desired results. We welcome people from all walks of life and no doctors referrals are required to make an appointment. Sessions are covered by all major health insurance providers. A typical session will consist of a short health history questionnaire, a postural assessment and treatment.

Dennis Hamalainen
Head Therapist

» Bachelor of Health Science - Musculoskeletal Therapy
» Advanced Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy