Mr Hands Of God

Ohhh my, where do I even begin … I have been seeing Dennis going on 4 years now and have not looked back. To date, I have not had an injury that he has not been able to successfully treat including rehab on my knee post-surgery. Despite Dennis moving 3 times, I have followed him each time as there are some things you just cannot live without.

Ngaire Abberton

Relief is at hand with Muscle Torque

I have been seeing Dennis for the past 2 years after my back surgery, I was recommended by my Physio at the time as it was thought he would be able to supply some relief and he was correct. I have been extremely happy since I’ve started as this is now maintenance for me. I have referred a lot of friends and family my daughter included after her knee injury. Dennis looks further than the problem itself as in most cases there is generally an underlying issue.

I am a firm believer in the alternative to drugs which is what Muscle Torque is, a natural approach which works.

Katrina B

I would strongly recommend Muscle Torque to anyone suffering pain from every day run of the mill actions …

Having had a constant issue with my neck and lower back, due to the type of work I do involving me sitting down for extended periods of time in an office or in my car, I contacted Muscle Torque to see if I was able to get some sense of relief and find out what I could do to avoid this being a long term issue. After a couple of consultations with Dennis I have found that my neck and back are no longer issues or areas of pain and, through the recommendations Dennis has made, I am able to avoid any pain escalating. I would strongly recommend Muscle Torque to anyone suffering pain from every day run of the mill actions.

Nick B

Give Muscle Torque a go … you have nothing to lose except your pain …

I walked into Muscle Torque about 2 years ago with a back/hip complaint. I went in with an open mind as I had been to numerous other places hoping that I could get some relief from my pain. I met Dennis and straight away I knew this place was different. He was very professional but friendly and spent time with me trying to work out the best way to fix my issues. I left Muscle Torque one hour later only noticing a small improvement however that night I was pain free for the first time in a very long time. I returned to Muscle Torque the following week and each week after for a period of about 6 weeks. I highly recommend Dennis from Muscle Torque for anyone who has pain/muscle issues that have not found relief going to other places. Give Muscle Torque a go – you have nothing to lose except your pain.

Jacqui Stannard

I would recommend him to anyone …

I have been seeing Dennis on and off for many years now. I usually put it off as long as possible as it’s not the most pleasant treatment, but after each visit, I always wish I had gone sooner and not put up with the pain for as long. He has helped me through many injuries over the years, getting me back to my fitness regime. I put my body through a lot of physical stress in the name of exercise and I am thankful he is there when I need him. I would recommend him to anyone, he has a great knowledge of how to treat injuries and a professional demeanor that makes you feel comfortable.


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